Our Speaker

Our Speaker – Kate Figes

4:00 pm Saturday 13 October at Chipping Norton Theatre

We’re truly privileged to welcome acclaimed author Kate Figes as the speaker at our very

first Film Festival.  As the author of ‘Couples, How we make Love Last’, a book about the state of modern relationships, Kate couldn’t be a better fit with this year’s theme, ‘Love in the Time of Twitter’.

What really goes on in other people’s relationships?  Are they all having a better time together or just keeping up appearances?   Kate set out to answer those questions by interviewing 120 people from diverse backgrounds as well as reading through all the academic literature – psychological and sociological.  With the protection of anonymity, men and women – gay, straight, single, married, cohabiting, divorced, were encouraged to be honest about the highs and lows in their relationship.  With the benefit of this window into the domestic lives of others, Kate hopes that her readers will be better placed when it comes to reflecting upon their own – and that they will be reassured that they are doing far better than they ever give themselves credit for.

At the Festival, Kate will share some of the insights gained during the writing of Couples.  She has also promised to give us an early preview of her new book coming out in Spring 2013,  ‘OUR CHEATING HEARTS – Love and Loyalty, Lust and Lies.’

Kate has published 7 books – two novels and five non-fiction.  You can find more information about them on her website: www.katefiges.co.uk.


Tickets for Kate’s talk are £10, available from

Chipping Norton Theatre Box Office 01608 642350